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Reverse Osmosis is a technology that is used to remove a large majority of contaminants from water by pushing the water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane.

Kanku Kenya specializes in custom-built Reverse Osmosis Systems designed specifically around various industrial water treatment needs. Such needs arise when space is a constraint or a specific quality of treated water is required.

Our skid-mounted reverse osmosis plants range from tap water, brackish water to seawater desalination and cover all types of applications including drinking water, irrigation water and process water.

Kanku Kenya also provides comprehensive pre-treatment plants preceding RO plants in order to avoid membrane fouling by sediments, hardness, organic matter, bacteria, silica, metal oxides or even chlorine.

For Brackish Water we provide various types of designs and models including:

  • Compact BWRO Plant (up to 500Litres/Hour)
  • Small Size BWRO Plant (up to 1,500Litres/Hour)
  • Medium Size BWRO Plant (up to 3,500Litres/Hour)
  • Large Size BWRO Plant (up to 70m3/Hour)

For Sea Water, we provide various types of designs and models including:

  • SWRO Small Plant (up to 2m3/Hour)
  • SWRO large Plant (Up to 100m3/Hour)

Most of our plants are skid mounted. Higher capacity plants of more than 50m3/Hour are available on multiple-skids.

Kanku Kenya can provide all types of new replacement membrane elements from most leading membrane manufacturers. Our clients will find tap, brackish and seawater elements well within our scope of supply.

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