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Reverse Osmosis Membranes are at the heart of numerous water treatment systems. These membranes must be maintained effectively so that they can efficiently remove hardness elements, particulates and other microbial & naturally occurring organics present in the raw water that flows through these membranes.Fouled / failing membranes lower the Permeate Flowrate (treated water flowrate) and drive up operating costs.Over a 3-year period (sometimes even less under inefficient operating conditions of the RO Plant), untreated membranes can:

  • Decrease permeate flowrates by up to 30%
  • Quadruple the risk of available water
  • Increase the operating costs associated with running your water treatment facility by up to 30%

Hence membrane restoration is a very crucial process for reverse osmosis membranes. After continuous operation these membranes may become clogged or fouled and would require restoration or replacement. An appropriate maintenance can significantly enhance membrane life and performance. Our membrane restoration specialist team visits your site, appraises the remaining life of the membrane and offers restoration and/or replacement services. Our technician tests and records performance data of each membrane.With years of experience Kanku Kenya has become the preferred RO Membrane service provider for industrial and commercial applications. Our RO Membrane cleaning services are highly cost effective and guaranty an optimal use of the treatment plant with a greater degree of performance.Our Membrane Services & Advantages include:

  • On-site visit & evaluation
  • Cleaning, Repairing & Replacement
  • Proprietary formulated membrane cleaning chemicals.
  • Service for all types of membrane and brands – 4″ (4040) and 8″ (8040) membranes
  • Spare parts like sealing rings, O rings, adaptors among others are available on stock

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