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Our superior water and wastewater treatment chemicals have been designed, implemented and constantly refined to maximize throughput, reduce inputs, increase efficiency and afford easy environmental compliance.

Kanku Kenya’s chemical treatment products ensure that water-carrying systems do not cause challenges during various industrial processes or any water using systems.

Kanku Kenya can formulate any specific product required by a client as per desired specifications and application area.

  • K34 OSDH – A specially formulated product for low-medium pressure boilers
  • K35 OSHZ – Formulated product for application in high pressure boilers
  • K36 OSSM – Stabilized scavenger for boilers
  • K37 OST – Organic based formulation scavenger for boilers
  • K50 BDSA – Descalant formulation based on dry acid for boilers
  • K55 ASRO – Online antiscalant reverse osmosis plants
  • K57 DSCT – Specially formulated product for online descaling of cooling systems
  • K56 ASBL – Antiscalant formulation for boilers
  • K58 DSRO AC – Descalant formulation for reverse osmosis plants
  • K51 DSBL – High strength descalant formulation for boilers
  • K41 CIBL – Stabilised formulation for scale inhibition for boilers
  • K42 CICT – Stabilised formulation for scale inhibition for cooling towers
  • K43 CIBL AM – Corrosion inhibitor for condensate system in boilers
  • K44 CICH – Scale and corrosion inhibitor for closed system chilling systems
  • K9 FCO – Fuel oil conditioner formulated to boost combustion efficiency
  • K9 FCM – Fuel oil conditioner formulated for non-skewed fuel dispersion
  • K61 BIO CU – copper based biocide to control algae
  • K62 BIO TH – Non-oxidizing biocide
  • K64 BIO BU –Non- Oxidizing aldehyde biocide
  • K65 BIO QT – Quaternary Ammonium based Biocide
  • K66 BIO CL – Chlorine based Biocide
  • K67 BIO SU – Inorganic Biocide
  • KK PH (+) – Alkaline pH formulation for effluent treatment plant application
  • KK PH (-) – Acidic pH formulation effluent treatment plant
  • K71 PFS – Coagulant formulation for application
  • K72 PAC – Polyalluminium based coagulant
  • K73 PACL – Low molecular weight coagulant formulation
  • K74 AL – Cationic Inorganic Coagulant – Powder
  • K75 ASL – Cationic Inorganic Coagulant – Liquid
  • K76 FC – Cationic Inorganic Coagulant – Powder
  • K77 FCL – Cationic Inorganic Coagulant – Liquid
  • K8 CP – Formulated cationic flocculant (liquid)
  • K8 NA – Formulated non-ionic flocculant (liquid)
  • K8 AN – Formulated anionic flocculant (liquid)
  • K8 ANS – Formulated anionic flocculant (powder)
  • K10 EZ – Formulated product for increased biodegradation in bioreactors
  • K10 EZ – Formulated product for increased biodegradation in bioreactors

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