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Industrial wastewater holds a miscellany of impurities and therefore it requires a specific customized solution. Kanku Kenya provides a high-performance, custom-built solution for any variety of wastewater type & industry attaining the applicable discharge limits for treated industrial effluent.

High-value product recovery in various production processes and the recycling of treated effluent water are becoming an increasing priority among manufacturing & production establishments. Kanku Kenya has very practical solutions on offer to attain these objectives.

In the case of biological treatment – Anaerobic, we offer plants of various flowrates chosen specifically to meet the client’s needs based on their application of treated water. We have experience of designing & building of many small-medium-large-scale plants for UASB process. Our innovation on technologies continues to provide superior solutions to our customers which are low on capital investment, operating cost and physical footprint.

In the case of biological treatment – Aerobic, we offer the Activated Sludge process employing fine-bubble diffused aeration. We also provide membrane processes with submerged or external membranes saving on cost of chemicals, plant space and generating saleable recycled water.

We offer a range of capacities for our ETPs/ STPs (from 2m3/Day up to 500 m3/Day).

Commercial Facilities Sewage Treatment Plant

With increasing demand for water services, Kanku Kenya has developed plants and equipment for sewage treatment within commercial facilities. Such plants are used by:

  • Villas and Gated Housing Complexes not connected to sewage lines
  • Remote worker camps
  • Schools and Educational Institutes
  • Hospitals and Medical facilities
  • Military bases/camps
  • Resorts and golf courses
  • Hotels and motels
  • Small to medium sized communities and housing developments (10,000 individuals)
  • Offices and Malls
  • Disaster relief camps
  • Retrofitting of existing systems

Kanku Kenya wastewater treatment systems offer safe & high-performance treatment solutions that employ simple, effective and sustainable technologies. Our solutions simplify wastewater management while providing for a higher quality of treatment.


Efficiently Treated Water can be used for

  • Irrigation works and agriculture (landscaping, parks, farms)
  • Toilet and urinal flushing
  • Commercial laundry
  • Dust suppression
  • Concrete batching and curing
  • Aggregate and sand washing
  • Pipe testing
  • Cooling tower water
  • Equipment washing
  • Firefighting and civil defense
  • Small scale Agriculture

For small residential projects, we supply Mini-Packaged-Sewage-Treatment-Plants as well. These are suitable for a population of 2 to 10-person occupancy for a house.

The system is suitable for any type of soil and ground configuration and offers a high performance purification using simple, effective and sustainable technologies.

Other advantages include:

  • The high quality level of the treated water allows for 100% reuse
  • Reduces the demand and consumption of water
  • Odorless and quiet
  • No hazardous chemicals
  • Extremely low sludge – requires once in year attention.
  • Permanent and definitive solution
  • Requires very little space
  • The media is long lasting and therefore does not need replacing over time.
  • The constant air supply to the system ensures optimum and constant purification performance

Treated water can be:

  • Recycled to the household for use in flushing toilets.
  • Used for irrigation and landscaping.
  • Soaked-away to a drain field for safe introduction into the ground

In order to respond to the needs of construction sites and remote camps, Kanku Kenya has also developed a Mobile Sewage Treatment system.

These systems are installed in single-standing containers allowing the unit to be relocated by various means including truck, boat or rail. The system can be disassembled and reassembled conveniently. The units can also be installed in a 2-tier format if required so as to accommodate the smallest footprint possible.

Systems are modular and additional units may be added as needed to cater for increased flowrate. They are simple to install, operate and maintain with minimal manpower requirement.

Growing urbanization is exerting pressure on public wastewater services. Efficient treatment at high rate and low cost is priority. Kanku Kenya offers environment compliant solutions on a turnkey-basis for water-resource protection. Kanku Kenya provides technological solution to treat increasingly complex effluents in accordance with ever more stringent discharge standards. Reuse and recycle of treated water can also be incorporated within the project design.

We design, build and operate the wastewater treatment networks and systems of small communities, town, medium and larger communities.

Kanku Kenya also undertakes projects to upgrade the existing sewage treatment facilities at affordable cost in meeting treatment obligations of local and national governments.

We also undertake management of Waterworks – Raw Water as well as Sewage Treatment Plant on a contracted agreement arrangement.

We provide small wastewater package solutions – prefabricated and integrated plant- for rural areas where the service territory is too small or hard to reach.

For Public Sector Water Service provide we undertake needs assessment, a local strategy, a quality guarantee, service performance measurements and communicating to residents about the impact of the service for success of wastewater projects.

Anaerobic Technologies

  • Anaerobic Biological Digester/ Reactors
  • Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket
  • Hybrid Digester
  • Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

Aerobic Technologies

  • Aerobic Biological Process-Activated Sludge Process (Fine Bubble Diffused Aeration)
  • Activated Sludge Process (Surface Aerators)
  • Trickling Filters/ Bio Towers
  • Sequential Batch Reactors
  • Moving Bed Bio Reactor – MBBR
  • Membrane Bio Reactor- MBR (Submerged/ External)

Physiochemical Processes

  • Micro Bubble Floatation
  • Conventional Clarifiers
  • High Rate Reactive Clarifier
  • Tube Settle/ Interceptor
  • Tilted Plate Interceptor
  • Dissolved Air Floatation
  • Oil and grease Separator
  • Floating Oil Skimmers

Chemical Injection

  • Automatic chemical dozing systems
  • Cleaning – Backwash and cleaning systems

Sludge Management

  • Sludge Dewatering settlers & beds
  • Sludge Decanter
  • Sludge Filter Press

Multimedia Filters

  • Rapid Sand Gravity Filters
  • Dual Media Gravity Filters
  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Iron Removal Filters using Birm Media
  • Hardness removal filters using Ion Exchange/ Membrane Processes
  • Metal removal through media

Key Advantage of Kanku Treatment Technologies:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Customer friendly and responsive technologies
  • Reduction of operating cost
  • Reduced sludge production
  • Reduced space requirement
  • Recovery of high-value materials
  • No Odor/ Decreased odors

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