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Nairobi, Kenya


Clean and safe water to support health and wealth. Fresh and potable water is only 0.1 % of our planet’s water resources.
Kanku Kenya offers plant equipment and technologies to secure safe and clean drinking water supply with the use of the latest practical technologies. Innovation for the treatment of drinking water as well as water reuse is the wisest decision a person can take.

We have responded to this challenge with a comprehensive and highly qualified range of solutions employing a wide spectrum of chemical, physical and biological processes for the treatment of water in line with the different water sources:

  • Ground Water
  • Surface Water – River Water, Dams and Lake Water
  • Seawater
  • Treated Wastewater

Kanku Kenya also offers to manage and operate facilities under contracts with public authorities, industries and municipal clients. We are constantly devising solutions to help our clients deal with the requirements of water services.
Our Drinking Water Treatment Plants range from 100Litres/Day to 100,000,000Litres/Day.
We maintain our quality standards for the facilities we supply or manage. We upgrade facilities and infrastructure and develop the best treatment methods for reducing water turbidity, managing microbiological quality and even optimizing disinfection. We are also implementing risk management programs.
Water withdrawn from various resources is subjected to several types of treatments as described below:

  • Coarse and fine screening.
  • Flocculation, clarification and settling.
  • Filtration sand and carbon filtration
  • Micro and Ultrafiltration
  • Nano and Reverse osmosis filtration
  • Sludge management
  • Softening and DM (Demineralization)
  • Ozonation
  • Chlorination

Kanku Kenya drinking water treatment performance meets all the limits of the drinking water standards. We consider the health of our customer and water users to be an absolute priority.

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